Easiest way to build documentation for your project.

Lalit • July 31, 2021


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Hyperdocs helps you create a documentation site for your project. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that can be used to create documentation for any project.

You will just need to add a docs folder with a bunch of markdown files. These will be used to generate a beautiful docs.

I believe this project has the best design amongst all the projects I have worked on.

I built it for the Hashnode x Netlify hackathon that won 1st place.


  • No configuration required.
  • No rebuilds or dealing with hosting providers needed.
  • Built in blog for your project.
  • Premade compoenents for your docs such as callouts, tooltips, react live code preview, etc. all inside markdown.
  • Built in feedback collection widget.
  • Ability to add custom domains/subdomains for your site.
  • Super fast documentation and blogs hosted on edge on Netlify.
  • Use different themes and plugins to enhance the look and feel of your documentation.
  • A beautiful homepage that can be customized.
  • Auto updating docs site that fetches content from GitHub repo periodically.
  • Dark mode for all pages.
  • Ability to use jsx inside markdown.
  • Dashboard to manage your docs site.
  • Support for private repositories.


Read this to learn more about how Hyperdocs works under the hood and how I built it for the hackathon.

This is how generated docs site looks like.