Build blazing fast websites from Notion. In light speed.

Lalit • July 31, 2021


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This is one of the projects that I am really proud of. I had this idea from a very long time, but the Clerk Hashnode Hackathon made me finish it in under a month. This also got me the runner up prize in the hackathon.

Want a landing page for your next project? Want a jobs board? Want a blog? Want a portfolio? Want a faq page? Pagely is here to help you with that.

Problem it solves

  • Enables non-technical people/non-developers to build blazing fast websites from Notion.
  • Much better than a regular public Notion page:
    • SEO friendly websites
    • Customizable styles and html tags
    • Automatic OG image generation
    • Password Protection
    • Ability to add analytics
    • Oof.. There are loads of other features.


Read this to learn more about how Pagely works under the hood and how I built it for the hackathon.