From notes to code playgrounds, Paperclip is an all in one tool you need.

Lalit • August 31, 2021


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I often found myself switching between different apps and websites such as Notion, Todoist, Trello, Excalidraw, Codepen and many more. I wanted to create a single place to store all my notes, code snippets, and other stuff. And that's the reason I created Paperclip.

I was able to complete it in under a month. Thanks to the Hashnode Auth0 hackathon.
Although I was not the winner or runner, It was a nice experience and got to learn a lot.


  • A powerful note taking experience with almost all features of Notion
  • Watch Youtube videos while writing notes
  • Incredibly fast Command Palette
  • Sticky notes to quickly jot down important notes
  • A Pomorodo timer that rewards you with a point every time you complete a session!
  • A lightning fast HTML-CSS-JS playground for awesome frontend devs
  • Good ol' todolists


Here's a blog I wrote about the process of making for the Hackathon.