Password protect any website in no time with a single line of code.

Lalit • June 29, 2021


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This was my first full stack project that I built for the HarperDB Hashnode Hackathon.
I also used many new technologies for making StaticShield such as Typescript and Auth0

Problem it solves

Password protecting any website is really painful, some of the important features of a password protected website are:

  • User will not have to enter the password to view the website again and again
  • Rate limiting the login attempts.
  • Password should be stored in a secure way and not in plain text
  • Blocking the logins to the site temporarily
  • Asking the user to enter the password again after a certain time


Here's a detailed blog that I wrote which goes through the process of making it

Login Page

Login page

Logout (Programatically)


Framework Agnostic

Framework Agnostic

Ready made code snippets

Ready made code snippets

Documentation for every framework

Documentation Documentation - Dark mode

Block logins to the site temporarily

Block logins

Progressive Web App to manage the site


Automatic Token Expiration